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Loving John Barrowman, actor, singer, sex symbol, Captain, Tycoon, Political fixer...

Also loving the 4th and 11th Doctor. And Arthur Darvill. And The Following.

8 December
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I was born on the Day of Abandon, and that pretty much sums me up. I am passionate, ebullient, spirited, and wacky. *grin*

I have been known to go too far, to go to extremes, and to be really out there. Sometimes this is a wonderful thing, sometimes not too wonderful.

I'm a disco queen, a Victorian lady,an Edwardian adventuratrix, a Druidess, a Roman slave girl, a Jedi Princess, an Elf Princess's muse, a witch, a hobbit, a Time Lord's Companion, a shifter, and a bunny. Trying to blackmail my way onto the Torchwood team at the moment...

I have a beautiful, smart daughter, a gorgeous, talented girlfriend, and the best, most wonderful friend a girl could ask for. I was also outed at Time Lord Fest at Dragon*Con! I am truly blessed! UPDATE: Am now engaged to John Barrowman. Photo evidence upon request.

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